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What can we say but he lives to fish!!!!!

People dream of doing just that someday...and Ed’s dream came true in 2003. His wife, Cheryl, surprised him with the purchase of his 19 ft. Jetcraft boat equipped with more gadgets than her kitchen. (He was actually just looking for a better seat for his 14 ft. aluminum fishing boat!) His boat is equipped with four electric downriggers, two fish finders, a GPS unit, two motors, a self-navigation system, and more fishing tackle than any one man should own. Now he is REALLY living his dream by taking his love of fishing to the next level and guiding on his favorite lakes.

His love of fishing was instilled as a young boy spending most weekends, with his father and family friends, on the lakes located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Of course, fishing was different then, rowing by hand, using heavy rods and sinkers, and having to hold your pole the whole time you were fishing.

With the development of new technology over the last 50 years, fishing has taken on a whole new sport and one that Ed is passionate about. Ultra light tackle can make even the smallest fish give you the fight of a lifetime. Electric downriggers can take you to depths that 50 years ago were unreachable - and just with the push of a button! With GPS and a TR1 guidance system the boat now drives itself so you no longer have blisters on your hands from the oars.

Ed’s greatest joy is sharing a day on the lake with kids and their families. The smile on a clients face when they reel in their catch is what guiding is all about. Ed enjoys talking and teaching them about the fish they are catching and the future of fishing. That’s why Ed supports organizations like - Big Brothers/Big Sisters, National Wild Turkey Federation, Nevada Union FFA, and California Island Fisheries Foundation. He also volunteers his time to help Project Kokanee with their annual Egg Take in partnership with California Department of Fish and Game.

As all fishermen know it’s the story of the catch or the one that got away that makes the day memorable. So, we invite you to make some Fish Tales happen with Fish Tales Guide Service!




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Ed Fisk - Owner/Guide


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